Groove and death metal thrashers MagnaCult formed in 2005, bringing together a unique group of musicians from across the Netherlands: vocalist Seb, guitarists Tomas and David, bassist Stan and drummer Bionic.

Their debut album Synoré, released in 2007, saw the birth of their signature groove and death metal. The band took their sound to the next level with their follow-up album Insua EnVenom. More brutal and technical than their 2007 debut, Insua EnVenom is faster and more crushing. With their third album, INFINITUM, MagnaCult have nailed their music style, shifting up a gear to an epic release packed with massive guitar solos and full of groove.

INFINITUM will be released on Graviton Music Services. Graviton owner Menno Kappe has metal flowing through his veins; after working for Roadrunner Records for more than 19 years, he has an ear for great music and a strong vision for the band.

“I have been following MagnaCult since the release of their first album back in 2007. I am extremely excited to work with MagnaCult, who I am sure will bring across a lot of the amazing energy they have shown throughout their career to our label.”

The birth of their new masterpiece has been challenging; personal issues and set-backs have been channeled into a force that has brought the band closer to each other. The result is a crushing new album featuring ten powerful, meaningful songs.

“The lyrics have very diverse subjects,” says Seb. “Inner strength, respect and acceptance, the stories behind your scars and the indescribable grief you feel for the loss of an unborn child. All of these are very personal
themes reflecting what we have experienced in our own lives; putting them down in words and music is a way of dealing with the issues we all have faced.”

There are two guest vocalists on the new album, giving it a new depth. “We asked Alma from For I Am King to add her brutal voice to the song Righteous Murder,” says David. “The song is about how people can have such intense and disastrous experiences with others that they are deprived of who they could actually become in this life.” Theresa Smith from Metaprism provides vocals for the track Holy-um, which is about the religious indoctrination gripping the world today.

The artwork, done by Gustavo Sazes (Amaranthe, The Agonist, Arch Enemy), captures the meaning of the album title INFINITUM. “In a time of chaos, evil clutches us by the throat again – this time, never letting go,”explains Bionic. “It systematically destroys our security, commitment and empathy. Body and mind are continually busy and this is about to pay off in their favor. But there is one thing that will work against evil: we live at a time when people can see and feel more of their higher consciousness and will reclaim their universe. Protecting the child of mankind is the key. The album was mixed and mastered at Tomster studios by Tommie Bonajo (For I Am King, From Earth, Pelgrim). It was produced and engineered by Tomas in cooperation with the other band members.

Over the years MagnaCult has built a strong following, and has shared the stage with bands like Five Finger Death Punch, DevilDriver, Ill Niño, Nile, Kittie, Butcher Babies, Trivium, KING810, and many more throughout Europe in support of their first two albums. MagnaCult knows how to thrash big stages and continues to grow their Cult with each show.

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